jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010

In december...

En diciembre se estrenarán dos de las pelis que irán directas a mi lista de favoritas (junto a Mi vida sin mí y a Las vírgenes suicidas", entre otras).

Black Swan:

y Somewhere (estoy segura de que no me defraudará)

La actriz Elle Fanning promete dar mucho que hablar (y mucho que trabajar).


In december will take place in our cinemas the releasing of two films I've just added to my little and elitist favourite films list (which is formed amongst others by My life without me and The virgin suicides).
This new films are Black Swan and Somewhere.

And I think Elle Fanning will set tongues wagging (and get a lot of work in the future).

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  1. Hola guapisima!! no tenia ni idea que tenias blog! gracias por pasarte!! te sigo!! besazos!!


  2. Waw ! I didn't hear nothing about that "black swan", but I want to see it now !!

  3. Hi lady sélénite! I think you would like you to know the release dates of Black Swan, here you are:


    ; )


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